The machine comes with the following features:

  • Heavy duty build for durability and long life;
  • 100% structural steel construction;
  • Rotating arm with adjustable speed UP TO 32rpm (depending per model)
  • Quality electrical / electronic design;
  • Touchscreen OP with multiply programming;
  • Easy access to operating panel and carriage;
  • Carriage with brake roll tensioning system MB;
  • Ultra quick film reel changing system;
  • Automatic pallet height detection by photo eye;
  • Pallets 1.100 x 1.300mm
  • Color RAL7004 (Light Grey) fixed parts and RAL3002 (Red) covers and mobile parts;
  • Custom made colors on request
  • IP54;
  • Manufactured to CE standards.
  • MPS Power Pre Stretch fixed gears
  • MPS II Power Pre Stretch two motors
  • Pallet height 2.500mm
  • Pallet height 2.800mm
  • Semi automatic Roping System
  • Automatic Roping System
  • Automatic 3 stroke cutter for aerofilm
  • Height sensing photocell for black products
  • Toppress peumatic
  • Toppress panthograph
  • Conveying / Transport systems
  • Topsheet dispenser waterproove packaging
  • Siemens S7-300 PLC (Other brands on reques)
  • Centring device
  • Access control
  • CE Muting / Light barriers
  • Complete integration in automatic packaging lines

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